Pocket Fishing & Survival Kit

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Everything you need to construct a fishing kit inside of a tin that can conveniently fit inside the pockets of your jeans. Kit includes: 12 inches jute twine, Pinch of Fine #0000 Steel Wool, 1 Clothes Pin, 1 Sewing Needle, 10 Ft 6lb monofilament fishing line, 20 Ft of 20lb braided fishing line, 1 Ferrocerium Rod, 1 Striker for Ferrocerium Rod, 1 #10 Surgical Razor Blade, 1 Small Toothpick. This is used to lock fishing line into natural cork bobber, Natural Cork bobber, 6 size BB Split shot sinkers, 3 Barrel swivels w/clip size 14, 2 red size 14 treble hooks (three sided hooks) Red color is important because it can catch fishes attention without bait, 2 Size 8 Bait holder hooks, 2 red size 6 hooks, 2 size 12 bait holder hooks, 1 Bee fly hook, 1 Beetle fly hook, 1 Caddis fly hook, 3 Eyelet hooks, "L" hooks, 1 Ranger Band to keep tin shut.

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